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Dr. Aparna Pradhan

Chirtopractor and Neuro Physiotherapist

Founder : Acme Physiotherapy Clinic

” Our professionalism aims at the complete joint and muscle recovery of the subject. The updating of all doctors, the acquisition of new physical and instrumental techniques are essential for our centers. We have a specialist clinics, followed by experienced doctors and careful to offer our patients all the necessary attention. “


About Clinic

Acme Physiotherapy Clinic offer advance physiotherapytreatment  in 3 locations across Pune. Specialists in neuro, ortho, spine and sports, our team of highly skilled and experienced clinicians understand your needs and have the knowledge to help you manage your injury, reduce your pain and return you to your optimal level of activity.

Here at Acme, we believe in treating our patients, not just their injuries. Our licensed Physical Therapists customize individual recovery plans, using the most state-of-the-art technology and practices to get patients performing better than ever.

We start off with a one-on-one evaluation to address your injury or change in physical function. Then we get to work increasing your strength and flexibility, quickly getting you back to your previous level of activity while preventing further and recurring injuries. As a Physical Therapist owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to customize treatments to meet the needs of each individual patient.

We are a team of experienced Physiotherapist. We believe using the latest technology to promote health and function of the body. Since 13 years helping people and serving best of Physiotherapy care, especially in the field of Neuro Physiotherapist, Spine and Orthopedic Physiotherapy. We also provide Online / Video Physiotherapy Consultation.

Acme Physiotherapy Clinic is a well-equipped clinic with all the modern equipment like Class 4 laser, Matrix, Shockwave, IFT , Ultrasound and more


Our staff, constantly updated, specializes in three major rehabilitative areas: traumatic-degenerative diseases, spine and neurological diseases.
For each therapy, the medical diagnosis and clinical evaluation of the physiotherapist identify the functional limitations and the share of disability of the patient. This leads to functional diagnosis and the program of individualized physiotherapy treatment.


The initial assessment identifies the effects of pathologies in terms of painful symptoms and impaired motor functions, with an estimate of residual and adaptive abilities for the neurological field.
The rehabilitative need of the patient is quantified with assessment scales and balance of joint and muscle motility.


Each therapy has measurable goals and shared in all stages with the patient, which is always followed by the same operator.
Despite using the most modern and effective electromedical machines, the Physiokinetic Method is based on Manual Therapy. The experience and ability of the center operators to “feel” the muscle and joint tissues promote the best therapies and allow a non-invasive approach to healing.


At the end of the treatment, the results are obtained and, thanks to a questionnaire, the satisfaction of the patient.
The results are summarized in a decrease or disappearance of symptoms and an improvement in the functionality of the lyes.
To conclude the rehabilitation path, the patient receives a written program that he can carry out independently or at our center with the aim of controlling the risk of recurrence and the optimization of performance.


Our patients recognize our passion and energy and during therapy we create deep and long-lasting relationships that reward us a lot.
All therapists work by doing their best for patients, always enhancing the positive aspects of people.

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